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Accordia Pinnacle Awards
Recognizing Extraordinary Lifetime Giving

In 2008, Accordia introduced a special award to recognize individuals and organizations that have supported Accordia in a truly extraordinary way.

Accordia's Pinnacle Award recognizes those individuals and organizations that have contributed more than $1 million to the Foundation since our formation in 2003.

All of our award recipients have made tremendous contributions of their time, talent, and treasure to Accordia in very distinct and thoughtful ways.

Recipients are listed below.

ExxonMobil Corporation

When Accordia founded the Infectious Diseases Institute, we were almost solely focused on HIV/AIDS. As the name of the institute implies, we had every intention of addressing other disease as well, but we hesitated in part believing that to launch a new disease program would be to jeopardize the success of our efforts against HIV and AIDS.

ExxonMobil is responsible for delivering the "gentle push" we needed to expand our efforts to include malaria, a disease that kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds. Today, Accordia and IDI are proud to be among the most important players in the renewed campaign against malaria worldwide. In recognition of their direction and guidance as much as their generous financial support, Accordia's Pinnacle Award was presented to the ExxonMobil Corporation in November 2008.

The Gilead Foundation

One of the most important ways Accordia works to build health leadership in Africa is by providing long-term support to talented individuals destined to become the next generation of accomplished African researchers, scientists, policy makers, and professors. The Gilead Foundation has been making that possible since 2004, through a generous grant targeting a group of emerging leaders in the fight against infectious diseases.

2008 saw the first graduate of the Sewankambo Scholars program appointed to an important leadership position within Uganda's Ministry of Health, where he will help to strengthen the national healthcare system from within. In recognition of their long-term vision in making such a program possible,

Accordia's Pinnacle Award was presented to The Gilead Foundation in November 2008.

Dr. Hank McKinnell

As Chairman of Accordia Global Health Foundation, Dr. Hank McKinnell has helped steer this organization since inception. What began as a firm assertion that the healthcare company he led could become "part of the solution" in Africa has become a very personal commitment to the work of Accordia and the Infectious Diseases Institute.

As co-founder of Accordia and the Infectious Diseases Institute, his early appreciation of the need to provide specialized training to healthcare professionals in Africa shaped the entire essence of our Foundation and its mission today. In recognition of his vision and personal commitment at so many levels,

Accordia's Pinnacle Award was presented to Dr. Hank McKinnell in November 2008.

Pfizer Inc

From the bricks and mortar of the Infectious Diseases Institute, to the standards of excellence that define it and the talent that leads it, every element of our success stems in part from the early and decisive action of Pfizer Inc and its distinguished colleagues.

The full impact of Pfizer's unprecedented corporate social responsibility continues to grow and be recognized, as it reverberates across the continent of Africa through the individual contribution of 3,000 graduates of our training programs, the broad impact of more than 40 research projects completed or under way, and the tens of thousands of healthy patients that now serve as advocates for their peers.

Through the decisive and long-term commitment of Pfizer, the Infectious Diseases Institute has become a highly successful model of development whose impact will be felt for generations to come. In recognition of the thoughtful vision and financial commitment of its leadership and shareholders, and the personal dedication and service of its staff,

Accordia's Pinnacle Award was presented to Pfizer in November 2008.

Dr. Merle A. Sande

Dr. Merle A. Sande continues to give to the organization every single day, although we lost him to cancer in November 2007. As Accordia co-founder and "Chief Idea Officer," he built the fire that burns under our feet every day at Accordia, pushing us to have bigger dreams and achieve greater success.

In recognition of the mission and sense of purpose he inspired in all of us, in addition to his outstanding personal and financial commitment, Accordia's Pinnacle Award was presented to the family of Dr. Merle Sande in November 2008.

Accordia's successes could not have been realized without the individuals and organizations above. Accordia applauds your outstanding contribution, and looks to your continued support to drive our future success.


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