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Matching Gifts

Many companies have programs through which they will "match" the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, your employer can multiply your gift to Accordia Global Health Foundation, making it go further.

Check with your company's Human Resources office to see if they offer gift matching. (If they don't, you may want to ask your company to start one.) If your employer does offer this program, your Human Resources department should provide you with a matching gift form to send to Accordia along with your donation. Complete this form and mail it with your donation to:

Accordia Global Health Foundation
Attention: Development
PO Box 53307
Washington, DC 20009

Our Development office will verify receipt of your gift and return the form to your company for matching funds.

Conditions and criteria for gift matching vary by employer. Some companies offer a payroll deduction plan. For more information or if you are not sure if Accordia qualifies for your company's gift matching program, call the Development Team at +1.202.534.1200 or email us at info@accordiafoundation.org, and we'll be glad to send information about our mission and programs.

HR Professionals and Executives

If you would like to start an Employee Matching Gifts program at your organization, click here to download a sample employee matching gift form. We also invite you to read through our annual report.


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