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Financial Information
Accordia is committed to financial efficiency and accountability and works very hard to maximize the value of every dollar we receive.

We encourage you to investigate before you donate. Click on the links below for independently verified information about Accordia's finances.

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Annual Report
Leadership at all Levels

Accordia Global Health Foundation is committed to  providing the environment and opportunity for leaders to reach their full potential and to become drivers of fundamental change—at the individual, the institutional, and the network levels. Clearly, change begins with the individual. However, strong and effective institutions that promote a culture of leadership and provide stability in difficult environments are critical in enabling motivated individuals to succeed. Accordia's flagship program, the Infectious Diseases Institute in Kampala, Uganda, is a center of excellence in infectious disease training, prevention, research, and advanced clinical care that teaches and promotes leadership from within. It is also a leading institution that is having a transformative impact on the communities it serves.

In the 2009 Annual Report, we introduce you to some of the individuals who have answered the call to fight infectious disease in Africa. Their stories reflect the diversity of experiences and talents that are contributing in unique ways to a historic fight. We all have something to offer, and it is only through our combined efforts that we can restore hope and health in Africa. Please join us as we provide the critical support needed to help Africa's leaders in building a strong, sustainable future for their families, communities, countries, and continent.


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