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Network of African Centers of Excellence

After producing indisputable evidence that African health institutions can operate responsibly, cost-effectively, and with greater impact than any foreign entity could, Accordia is in the process of establishing a network of 25 existing centers of excellence in global health across 18 countries.  Accordia, which will serve as the initial Secretariat of this association of sustainable African health institutions, will demonstrate that one of the best and most lasting ways to improve health outcomes on the continent is through South–South knowledge exchange and mutually provided technical assistance.

African centers of excellence have contributed significantly to improving the health outcomes of citizens on the continent. The centers of excellence in global health combine robust research programs, innovative approaches to training, and locally relevant strategies for prevention, treatment, and care to transform the health of the communities they serve. Because they understand the local culture, customs, and people served, they operate more responsibly, cost effectively, and with greater impact than a foreign entity can. They are also successfully preparing new generations of African health leaders who are likely to remain in Africa.

The primary objectives of Accordia's Network of African Centers of Excellence are:
  1. To create a unified voice for advocacy or change among international funders, local governments and policymakers, and other major stakeholders, on key issues of common concern.
  2. To provide shared learning opportunities and serve as a forum for exchange on topics of strategic importance, increase South-South dialog and mutual support, and catalyze innovation in areas including institutional strength and sustainability.
  3. To facilitate joint programming opportunities that improve collective impact, promote permanent capacity building, and provide expansion opportunities in members' priority programmatic areas.
Learn More about select Centers of Excellence within Accordia's Network:

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