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At Accordia, we believe that a lasting impact can only be achieved by leveraging the expertise and contributions of diverse partners and by focusing these efforts to develop the skills and infrastructure in Africa that are necessary not only to fight this epidemic, but also to lay the foundation for future infectious disease crisis.

Through strong collaboration with diverse partners, including our Academic Alliance, International Scientific Advisory Board, and other leaders in academia, government, and the private sector, we:

  • Bring together global resources to fight infectious disease in Africa, 
  • Strengthen in-country capabilities to offer health training, research, prevention, and care.
  • Create evidence-based models that are immediately relevant in resource-limited settings and can be replicated throughout Africa.

By working within African medical centers, we develop lasting institutional leadership and pave the way for stronger African health systems. Through these institutions and in partnership with the people that lead them, we nurture the next generation of health leaders

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