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2011 Center of Excellence Summit

In September 2011, Accordia held a Centers of Excellence Summit in Uganda, which convened leaders of 18 among the most successful Centers of Excellence from 12 African countries. These Centers play a crucial role in elevating standards of care, and in disseminating those standards regionally.  They produce new and valuable research relevant to their setting, incorporate those findings into comprehensive education strategies, and advocate for policy changes to support widespread adoption. Without such Centers of Excellence, African Ministries of Health would have to rely primarily upon findings from the global north to guide health policy.

In recognition of the critical role the Centers of Excellence play, and the challenges they face, the two-day Summit was intended as an opportunity for Centers to candidly exchange insights and share lessons learned. The Summit’s panels and presentations led to a vibrant discussion that allowed the participants to reflect on their diverse operating models and business plans for sustainability, and discuss future challenges to the continued success and growth of their Centers. 

In response to the request from participants to reconvene annually to discuss issues of strategic importance as they grow and sustain their activities, Accordia will host a second Centers of Excellence Summit in 2012. 

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