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What We Do

Focusing on Permanent Solutions to Improve Healthcare in Africa

Accordia Global Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the vision of a healthy Africa. Incorporated in 2003 and based in Washington, DC, we have a proven approach for strengthening health capacity and leadership in Africa. We work in partnership with individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments around the world, bringing private-sector efficiency and academic innovation to fight infectious and other diseases today and to prepare a new generation of African healthcare leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

Accordia is committed to creating a continental network of high quality, high impact, and sustainable African health institutions. They will offer complementary areas of expertise relevant to the communities they serve, with the ability to transform African health systems from within. After founding the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) at Makerere University in Uganda in 2004, Accordia established the West African Infectious Diseases Institute in Nigeria. We’re currently exploring development of an Institute for Child Wellness based in Malawi. In addition, Accordia has been asked to formalize a network of more than 20 centers of excellence from 13 African nations. This international association would create efficiencies through shared services and best practices, advocate for favorable health funding policies, and pursue joint programming opportunities.  

Accordia is dedicated to transferring knowledge, skills, and processes–and to building the infrastructure–that will lead to an Africa that can move forward independently toward a healthier future.


In 2004, Accordia Global Health Foundation and our partners established the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, which serves as our model for a sustainable, locally owned, regional center of excellence in health, transforming the quality of care across the continent. Having overseen its establishment and evolution, Accordia now contributes to IDI’s ongoing development through the provision of targeted technical assistance, program development consultation, and resource generation.

Learn more about our work in Uganda.


Based in Abuja, Nigeria and officially incorporated in 2012, the West African Infectious Diseases Institute (WAIDI) will be a permanent institute to sustain and enhance the progress made in the fight against HIV, malaria, and other infectious diseases in West Africa. Rooted in partnerships with surrounding universities and institutions, as well as local government agencies, WAIDI will coordinate and enhance the research and training capacities of various universities throughout the country and surrounding region.

Learn more about our work in Nigeria.


In partnership with local leaders and stakeholders, Accordia is working to establish the Institute for Child Wellness (ICW) in Malawi. The ICW will be a Malawi-owned institution that takes a preventive and multi-sectoral approach to ensuring healthy, productive lives for children in resource-limited settings. Uniting under a single vision, global leaders across multiple disciplines, such as health, education, agriculture, economics, and finance, are coming together to advance integrated development science.  We are exploring the potential for multi-sector synergies that will improve health outcomes and increase cost effectiveness. Located at the University of Malawi, the ICW is designed to cultivate and retain the region’s best talent to develop context-appropriate evidence for a transformative regional impact.

Learn more about our work in Malawi.

Multi-Country Initiatives   

Accordia Global Health Foundation is committed to facilitating South-South collaboration and the sharing of best practices among centers of excellence in Africa. Through the annual Accordia Global Health Summit Series and strategic multi-country initiatives, we give African leaders opportunities to collaborate and provides forums to discuss common challenges and potential solutions. Accordia also provides technical assistance across our network to implement proven programming models, and we explore cutting-edge methods for improving health throughout the region.

Accordia is now establishing a network of more than 20 centers of excellence across 13 countries.

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