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Learn More about Our Work in Africa

Accordia Global Health Foundation publishes reports, newsletters, annual reports, and other materials to provide information about healthcare capacity-building in Africa and to report on its activities in support of its mission.

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Annual Reports

The highlights of Accordia’s work and impact are highlighted in our annual report.


2013 Summit on Child Wellness Report: Changing the Way the World Invests in Africa's Children
In October 2013, Accordia, the University of Malawi, and Michigan State University co-hosted the 2013 Summit on Child Wellness in Mangochi, Malawi. Accordia convened local leaders and global experts in pediatric health and surrounding disciplines and challenged them to think differently about new preventative and multi-sectoral approaches to ensuring healthy, productive lives for children born in resource-limited settings around the world. Output and insights from the Summit’s deliberations are detailed in the Report

Transformative Investments: IDI Progress Report
Accordia Global Health Foundation, Pfizer Inc., and many other partners have transformed the health landscape in sub-Saharan Africa through our investment in the Infectious Diseases Institute at Makerere University (IDI) in Kampala, Uganda. Today, IDI has become a regional center of excellence in infectious disease training, research, and prevention and care. Through these programs, IDI has touched the lives of more than one million Africans.

National Malaria Training Model
With a particular emphasis on reducing misdiagnosis and the overuse of precious antimalarial medications, Accordia's National Malaria Training Model demonstrates a cost-effective approach to reach health workers at every level of a healthcare system and to substantially improve the quality of care available to millions of women, men, and children.

Building Health Leadership in Sub-Saharan Africa
Accordia Global Health Foundation and Gilead have partnered for several years to implement innovative training and mentoring programs to encourage the next generation of African health leaders.

IDCAP Final Report
Accordia releases the findings and lessons learned from the Integrated Infectious Disease Capacity-Building Evaluation (IDCAP), a program supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Return on Investment: The Long-Term Impact of Building Healthcare Capacity in Africa
This publication discusses some of the work being done to translate the call to action into reality in key areas of long-term capacity-building; including leadership development, health services training, research capacity building, research to policy to practice, and institutional strengthening.

Building Healthcare Leadership in Africa: A Call to Action
This report considers the opportunities and challenges inherent in building healthcare leadership in Africa at the individual, institutional, and network levels.

African Centers of Excellence in Health
This report summarizes key findings from Accordia's 2011 Centers of Excellence Summit, held in Kampala, Uganda. Representatives from several centers of excellence in health convened to discuss best practices and sustainability.

New Sources of Support, New Levels of Impact
At the 2012 Centers of Excellence Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Accordia convened leaders from 23 health institutions from 13 African countries to address issues of sustainability and discuss emerging sources of revenue to strategically prepare centers for a lessened reliance on foreign aid. The findings and discussions from the high-level meeting are detailed in this report.