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Accordia Calls on G8 Leaders to Invest in Strengthening Healthcare Systems

July 8, 2009:  Today, world leaders have gathered in Italy for the G8 Summit. They will discuss some of the most pressing issues facing the world today, such as the economic and financial crisis, climate change, global security, and African development. For many years, the G8 leaders have shown a commitment to improving health outcomes in Africa—a commitment that Accordia Global Health Foundation hopes will expand even further as a result of this year’s summit.

The G8 Research Group released a briefing book that features an article by Accordia Global Health Foundation (made possible through the generous support of the Fondation Bertarelli), which urges G8 leaders to focus on strengthening healthcare systems in Africa by investing in programs that will build a cadre of individual and institutional health leaders. The article states, in part:

 “Leadership at all levels within the health system is required to scale up effective interventions, to discontinue those that are not working, to align global funding streams for sustainable impact, and to motivate a health workforce that daily is faced with basic challenges and resource shortages. Success depends on adoption of a bold, sustained approach that includes an explicit emphasis on the development of leading individuals and institutions that will drive fundamental change.”

As Africa continues to battle the burden of infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis, an investment in the future generation of healthcare leaders is critical. These individuals and institutions are necessary to drive the continent toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals and to ensure long-term progress.

In addition to this call to action for G8 leaders, the article features Accordia’s flagship program, the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), as a center of excellence in Africa. Highlighting some of IDI’s successes—including the over 3,800 healthcare workers IDI has trained from 27 different African countries––demonstrates the potential impact of investing in programs that build healthcare leadership.

The G8 briefing book, published by a consortium of internationally recognized academic scholars based at Trinity College, Canada and Oxford University, England, is circulated to roughly 15,000 government officials, journalists, and other influential thought leaders who follow the summit. To download a copy of the briefing book, please click here. To view the Accordia article, go to page 104 in the briefing book.

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Accordia Global Health Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) global health organization building Africa’s capacity to fight infectious disease through training, research, care and prevention. Accordia works in partnership with individuals, corporations, foundations, NGOs, and governments from Africa, Europe, and North America to achieve our vision of a healthier Africa. For more information please visit